Don’t miss Retrofuturist, one of spring’s best exhibitions, now on view at New Langton Arts. Curator (and occasional Stretcher contributor) Berin Golonu put together a congeries of artists using 1950s-flavored graphics to depict our imagined future; all the artists are strong and all the work is good-looking. Exquisite drawings by Adam Ross, sci-fi flavored gouaches by Russell Nachman, a Flash animation by Leona Christie, plus contributions from Yorgo Alexopoulos, David Huffman, Luisa Kazanas, and William Swanson act together to make the show much bigger than the sum of its parts. Up through May 3 at New Langton Arts, 1246 Folsom St. in San Francisco. For more information call (415) 626-5416.

- Meredith Tromble [Monday, April 22nd, 2002]


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