RIGO 23 is showing large, graphic paintings on unstretched canvas at Gallery Paule Anglim. As with Jenny Holzer’s show at Cheim & Read, this is a tough show in a commercial space. The last time I saw work as hard hitting from RIGO was more than ten years ago at Richmond Art Center when he did a large painting installation on the subject of an imprisoned Black Panther, Geronimo Pratt. Pratt was later released. At Anglim, three major pieces are messages in Korean, Farsi and Russian on painted color fields. They are beautiful but will be unreadable to most of us in the gallery. Inscrutable to our mindset, unless we learn more, whereupon, we will have to reconsider our point of view. Each of the encoded paintings is a verbal assault by one of our “enemy’s” leaders on our governmental leaders or public policies. If one owned one of these paintings, it would be a constant visual reminder of another perspective on the world . Through through July 22.

- Gloria Tanchelev [Tuesday, July 11th, 2006]


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