Ron Kuivila’s two contributions stood out in what was already a good Inventionen Festival. In the basement vault of the Staatsbank Berlin, his pairs of arcing wires produced a network of sparks that resonated through cardboard coffee cups, their sounds providing an erratic, rapid-fire punctuation of the darkened space. Upstairs in the same building, Kuivila’s performance of the edgy telephonic elegy, “Beautification of the Facsmile Tone” (complete with a pair of slowly modulated ringing phones - the old kind with real bells in them), wove a smartly shifting soundfield from the minimal audio language of dialtones and busy signals. Other highlights included Robin Minard’s installation of hundreds of tiny speakers in the deep end of a long-empty indoor swimming pool and Gordon Monahan’s drop-by-drop waterfall onto household objects wired for sound.

- Ed Osborn [Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002]


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