With the noose tightening on our civil liberties in the form of increased sentences for protesters of the former School of the Americas, the Patriotic Act, and the secret but leaked Patriot 2, I won’t do any naming names here. But the Bay Area art world was out in force along with the rest of our community at Sunday’s huge San Francisco protest of the possible U.S. war on Iraq. One of our favorite gallerists was seen up close to the stage wearing his totally to the point “Fuck Bush” jacket. Also among the many artists were a hip and happening performance artist, and along the route, one of the recent Eureka award winners. Last but not least, we greeted photographer Sharon Wickham, whose cover has already been blown by today’s San Francisco Chronicle. Sharon and her huge hula hoop peace sign frame the front page color photograph of the S.F. rally.

- Cheryl Meeker [Monday, February 17th, 2003]


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