You have just one more day to see SmARTspace: At the Intersection of Art and Technology, the exhibition conceived by and honoring artist/educator Steven Wilson. Wilson, the author of Information Arts and Art + Science Now!, began planning the exhibition, with work by Jim Campbell, Maggie Orth, Alan Rath, and Gail Wight, before his premature death from bone cancer in January, 2010. Beloved for his generous advocacy for hundreds of artists involved with new technologies, and for his own work, Wilson created a gem of show that deftly suggests the breadth of the field he helped to create. Through Thursday, March 15 at the San Francisco State University Fine Art Gallery.

Image: Installation view, work by Gail Wight (front) and Jim Campbell (back).

- Meredith Tromble [Wednesday, March 14th, 2012]


Sounds like a wonderful show.  I love the work of Maggie Orth.

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