Steve Roden’s exhibition at the singuhr-hoergalerie features a pair of delicately balanced sound installations. “Moon Gatherers (third version)” presents manipulated sounds generated from a set of empty bottles played back through speakers in four bottles placed at the edges of a small, dimly lit room. Extended listening reveals a stately, unhurried composition that evolves at low volume. Upstairs in the main space a similarly elegant piece, “Light Forms,” is built from the sounds of light bulbs and is augmented by a video that alternates between Roden performing a simple text in his own cryptic form of sign language and an abstract set of movements traced in colored lights. By turns engaging and hermetic, these works have a tactile presence that rewards prolonged attention and stays with you well after you have left the exhibition space. Through October 24.

- Ed Osborn [Friday, September 20th, 2002]


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