Sharing the burden of presenting transgressive film with Other Cinema, YBCA has stepped up to the plate with their Stoned Apocalypse a pageant of sober mostly secular psychedelia. The other night I saw the world premiere of Nic SHEEHAN’s FLicKeR (not to be confused with the photo website or Tony Conrad’s The Flicker) a bemused doc of Brion Gysin and his invention The Dream Machine. With a rogue’s gallery of the usual unusual suspects (Burroughs, Iggy Pop, Genesis P-Orridge, a randy Marianne Faithful and Gysin himself). It serves up lots of above average talking head interviews but with a cast like this you’d watch their elbows talk. The upcoming month of Thursdays will include Brakhage’s seminal macho Dog Star Man that David Hicky has described as a Proto-pyrotechnic “Die Hard” cluster-feel with no dialog, no story and best of all, no Bruce Willis. Also the self explanatory “Legend Light Shows” and two maxi/minimalist narratives respectively, Ghost In The Shell II: Innocence and Le Lit De La Verge (The Virgin’s Bed).

Check out for time/dates and thank you for not smoking.

- Dale Hoyt [Wednesday, August 13th, 2008]


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