Stretcher asks: “How do you imagine your life will change if the United States attacks Iraq?”
Ray Beldner: “I’m very upset about it but because I’m so busy with my family there’s not much I can do except sign online petitions. I feel the question of IF we attack is out of our hands. Bush has made up his mind and he’ll find an excuse. If it does happen, I’m worried about what a lot of middle class people are worried about, providing for my family. I do a lot of public art funded by percent-for-art programs, and when resources are diverted to war there’s less building here at home. And I worry about being involved in a war that can spread, especially with Bush’s “go it alone” attitude. We should be making friends, not antagonizing people. He’s setting us up for more terrorist attacks.”

- Meredith Tromble [Friday, September 20th, 2002]


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