Stretcher asks: “How do you imagine your life might change if the United States attacks Iraq?”
Ian Green: If the U.S. does indeed declare war on Iraq, the sad reality will probably be that my life will not change substantially. It will end up being yet another conflict in which the country being attacked, invaded, liberated, will have its infrastructure destroyed, civilians killed and economy wrecked. Meanwhile the citizens of the country inflicting the damage will be able to sit in the comfort of our living rooms and watch it on TV as if it were a nightly soap opera. I find it disturbing that the U.S. can be inflicting such damage to another country while its citizens are not inconvenienced in the least. To be sure there are situations in the world which necessitate some type of action by other countries in the world, my fear is that the haste with which this situation has turned from a containment strategy to an offensive, unilateral attack on another country is politically motivated. I also fear that this will fuel the fire for those throughout the world who do not like the United States.

- Meredith Tromble [Thursday, October 3rd, 2002]


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