Stretcher asks: “How do you imagine your life will change if the United States attacks Iraq?”
Jessica Dunne: Since I paint cities I can’t help but feel that an undertone of fear might work its way into my paintings if it wasn’t there already. I think in the arts it takes many years to digest history so I’m so far unimpressed with art made ‘about’ 9/11. It seems like it’s too soon. I mean, just as writers tend to have a ten to twenty year lag on their work reflecting their real life we may only be able to ascertain how it changed art many years from now. I hope to see less of the ‘first person singular’ in art, i.e. art about issues that are quite narrow, the obsessive complaints of one’s identity as, say, a woman, that sort of thing. I’d love it if artists could look outward more. But this can’t be forced. The real effects are lurking there under the water and will emerge when ready.

- Meredith Tromble [Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002]


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