Often artists are able to avoid the corporate world entirely, but if you haven’t been so lucky, or find it as exotically weird as I do, you would have enjoyed   “Success: the YD Way”.  Performed and produced last week at the Exploratorium by James Bewley and George Nachtrieb, this was a warped version of the corporate success seminar or PR extravaganza, hilariously highlighting the lame, sentimental, and borderline cult hype of seminars you may have attended or interloped upon yourself. Extensive use of the PowerPoint presentation, break-out sessions, and explanation of the corporate hierarchy of YD Industries were the formal aspects of a work that underscored the banality and increasing ubiquity of corporate culture. This piece was one of the
Situation Abnormal performances at the Exploratorium
; there are two remaining.

- Cheryl Meeker [Friday, January 20th, 2006]


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