Museum exhibitions of private collections can be tough to digest, unless there are clearly defined collecting parameters, like medium or gender. SUPERNOVA: Art of the 1990s from the Logan Collection, opens Saturday at SFMOMA, and it’s a who’s who of art from the 90s: Hirst, Gonzalez-Torres, Murakami, Yuskavage, to name a few. Everyone is here, and while the show struggles to find a common thread, what really binds them is their recent blue-chip status. Many of these works have been promised to the museum, understandable cause for celebration. With just a few years of hindsight, we see that these are the names we’re attaching to art of the end of the 20th century. In that way, the presented collection is oddly conservative, even obvious at times.

But to avoid getting caught up in what it all means, I advise pretending this is the Logan’s rather large living room, and do a little fantasizing of your own. I don’t think I have a wall big enough for anything here, but while we are dreaming, I’ll take the protruding Robert Gober leg and the Juan Munoz figures. OK, and the big Hirst dots. I can’t help it.

- Tucker Nichols [Thursday, December 11th, 2003]


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