Overheard while leaving last Friday night’s performance by"> Survival Research Labs at 01/ISEA2006 in San Jose:

“If you see something pointing at you, it’s a good idea to stick a finger in your ears”

True—even if you’re wearing earplugs. The press area where we were standing put us directly in line with the 20-foot Shockwave Cannon—a massive pop gun that makes a pop so loud it practically knocks you over. When this sucker swings around and points at your face, you want to do more than stick fingers in your ears—the urge to duck is also rather strong.

It’s been nearly a decade since Mark Pauline and crew were last permitted to put on a public show in the Bay Area. They were in top form Friday night provoking the sold-out crowd with their bombastic machine carnage. A splendid time was had by all.

- David Lawrence [Monday, August 14th, 2006]


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