We can’t be surprised that the 9/11 attacks are still generating new works of art (if anything, we should assume this is just the beginning). Jody Zellen created a mesmerizing tribute to NYC in her Web art piece, Ghost City, featured in this year’s Sao Paulo Biennial. Dive in, poke around, get lost.

Hunted houses…take a drive with Bay Area artist Todd Hido as he photographs the lonely souls of real suburban homes.

The Internet is not a waste of time. The Internet is not a waste of time. For proof, invest a little at Web artist Chiaki Watanabe-Darcy’s piece, nicknack. It’s like interactive abstract television. You can also bring her hypnotic groove with you on your PDA, at meta griz.

—Tucker Nichols

- Meredith Tromble [Friday, April 12th, 2002]


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