I was afraid if I wrote in advance about the series of videos screened last night at New Langton Arts that I wouldn’t get a seat. As it was the pieces had an interesting range and I could barely breathe the room was so packed. “Drive by Shooting”, curated by Elliot Anderson included pieces by Claire Bain, Lisa Banks, Kota Ezawa, Karla Milosovich, Anne McGuire, Katy Schmidt, Wayne Smith, and Zan Truman.

Tonight there’s a CD release party for Troll’s new CD, “Pathless Land”, at the Hemlock Tavern. Troll, (the band goes on at midnight), features local visual artists Scott Hewicker and Cliff Hengst. Cliff also DJ’s Saturday night at the opening reception at Lucky Tackle in San Pablo in Oakland.

- Cheryl Meeker [Friday, July 18th, 2003]


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