Ev Funes and James Bewley. Tonight is a last chance to see their curating work: The Element of Temporary 5, in a one night show.  The opening reception is from 7 - 11 pm at the SF Arts Commission Gallery. Artists include: Rachel Bank, Julianne Becker, Michael Campbell, Ishan Clemenco, Renee Delores, Suzanne Husky, Kim Miskowicz, James Tantum , collaborations by Brian Caraway with Joslin Pollard and Gilbert Guerrero with Kathleen Quillian and one anonymous artist. A show featuring performances, a tatto parlor of sorts, and a house made of cheese with a mouse eating it are part of what we’ll be missing without Ev and James.

- Cheryl Meeker [Friday, August 20th, 2004]


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