If you can make it to the UCB MFA exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum, (today is the last day, and the artists are speaking at 3 pm) you’ll see a graduate show that really holds up in a museum context. With a short enough group to list them all, Sarah Cain, Jaime Cortez, Leo Estevez, Jonn Herschend, Kenneth Lo, Peter Nelson, and Will Rogan, each make a strong impression. And you can also catch the powerful work,">Now-Time Venezuela, Part 1: Worker-Controlled Factories, though Sunday May 28, by Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler, and curated by Chris Gilbert, very recent ex- Matrix curator.  (Part 2 will be viewable through July 16.)  See for yourself an installation that reveals history in the making. The president of Alcasa, a Venezuelan corporation, speaks of going beyond Soviet socialism, which left management in place, while restructuring only labor. Alcasa is socializing management by creating “revolutionary co-management.” Watching the footage in this context allows plenty of time to absorb the depth and detail of thought and feeling the workers and managers are involved with, are discovering, and are creating.

- Cheryl Meeker [Sunday, May 21st, 2006]


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