Kenny Schacter has given this legend and his team not only a mini retrospective, but also a mind bending architectural commission to redesign his new gallery space in the west village. the results are bilbowery and bildhauerlich…billed hourly by a driven egomaniac who has always been great at explaining his sculptural work in social terms. first story metal mesh gallery ceiling morphs into second story galvanized, gallerists power desk: you do the math on this elaborate craftwork. what v & k have done together here is so daring and ostentatious that I left feeling both dumbfounded and pathetically jealous. highlights from vito’s “rehearsals for architecture” include documentation of the infamous jerk-off piece, vintage fotos of the artist biting himself and several diorama-like works which hover between design and fantasy. definitely see the rove space show as well as the new gallery around the corner on 14 charles lane, where graham gillmore’s inaugural show just ended.

vito acconci @ rove
thru dec. 15

- Charles Linder [Monday, November 24th, 2003]


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