Wall Drawing, which opened at the Hosfelt Gallery Saturday, is a winner, and a confluence of several improbable events. Improbable event # 1: Gerhard Mayer, known for his small ink drawings, scaled one up and executed it as a large-scale, commercially fabricated vinyl transfer applied directly to the wall. The allure of the drawing not only survived this translation, it dialed up, too. Improbability # 2: Marietta Hoferer, who generally works with soft, neutral colors decided to experiment and turned in an eye-popping wall of red and blue stripes. And Improbability # 3, the most unlikely of all, unknown Wendy Hough showed up at the gallery as the show was being installed asserting that her work should be included—and to the gallery’s credit, they took a look and agreed. Hough’s disturbingly restless waves counterbalance the cool, delicate structure of Sol Lewitt’s composition and an evanescent contribution by Jim Campbell. While you’re at Hosfelt, check out Richard Shaw|New Works at the Braunstein/Quay Gallery across the way. The solid crush of well-wishers at Shaw’s opening made contemplation of the works challenging, but all those well-wishers were there for good reason. Shaw continues to deliver assemblages that have tender feelings for everyday life shining through the witty surfaces.

- Meredith Tromble [Sunday, March 21st, 2010]


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