Wallace Berman, the quintessential “Beat” artist, conducted his career by never getting his work out, according to his son Tosh Berman. Speaking to the L@ te Friday Night partiers at Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archives (BAMPFA), Tosh told stories about his father and screened his movie Aleph twice, once silent as it was made, and once with a soundtrack by John Zorn. During his lifetime Berman showed the funky 8mm movie to only a few friends, projecting it on the refrigerator. The footage is rhythmically punctuated by Berman’s most famous image: a hand holding a transistor radio, infilled with an image from popular culture. The moving image infilling the refrigerator door surely echoed in the minds of the people who saw it. Last night’s screening was part of Issue 4 of the Skank Bloc Bologna series organized by Anne Colvin.

- Meredith Tromble [Saturday, March 20th, 2010]


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