Written in real time:

• What’s with the aluminum bunny ears?

• So strange that a show that has been so cloying up to now suddenly embraces “shocking” art as if it were an institutional imperative(like making book covers..?!). But it is the first current issue that the producers. have dealt with. I’ll refer the readers to a definitive examination of the subject by Natalie Welch right here in Stretcher in Controversy As Canvas: Critiquing A Dead Horse

• What would Sister Wendy think? If she met Andre Serrano she’d say “what a nice young man”. And I’m glad that came over because he was, hands down, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. And I loved the knowing wave that Nao imparted to the nice man.

• “Jackie has littlest feet”

• Steamboat Willie is going to be pissed.

• Self objectification? Is that a bit redundant at this point, Honey?

• What artist stops at midnight? That just when we’re getting started!

• I don’t want to let the guy down”

• Jerry Saltz is a good speller!

• The show is a little resuscitated by this episode and yet the obvious violation of the process makes it still, as the kids say, suck. It ended on such a reductionist note, especially with the conversation between the critics that was absolutely hopeless.

• 10:56 and Nao was just eliminated! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. Squares! Squares! L7 man.

Two quick questions:

• Where’s Carlo McCormick, apparently the only decent critic in New York City?

• And where’s David Ross? One of the few people in the art world that understands the importance of television.

• “China Chow Hoyt”. How does that sound?

- Dale Hoyt [Thursday, July 1st, 2010]


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