Written while watching the 1 AM broadcast:

Miserable, miserable ever more miserable depiction of the world we live in and not just art. The only one that appears to be above it all is host China Chow who seems to have a particularly good heroin connection. Nao continues to brave it out despite now knowing the true meaning of pearls before swine. She continues to be as lionhearted as she is photogenic but has been reduced to the David Letterman commentator. And Mrs.Howell actually might not win because she looks as if she is going to pass away.

1:15 am - The premise of the episode is that each artist is to create a book cover for a Penguin Publishing book (a rather obscure achievement that I know of no one who would want to conquer). Each artist is given a classic book title. Reading said book is optional.

1:30 am - It all seems to, again, come down to approval by idiots. Yes the work is weak but the “critics” are weaker. And what the fuck is wrong with Jerry Saltz and why is “minimalism and “conceptualism” dirty words all of a sudden? Did the the 70s and the 80s pass the dear boy by?

1:45 am - Mrs Howell is sent to her death panel. Everybody says goodbye with hugs.

Next week may be a bit more provocative: each artist will be challenged to do something shocking. Apply quotation marks where you wish. The guest artist will be Andres Serrano who usually livens up the party.

- Dale Hoyt [Thursday, June 24th, 2010]


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