A promise is a promise.

And so here I am writing my 7th blog describing the 7th slab of “Work Of Art”. But speaking of promises, what is this spectacle promising the poor kids, young and old, who want to be artists? I wouldn’t wish being an artist on my worst enemy (cough-Sarah Jessica Parker-cough) but my God, what if that’s the only thing you can do well or the only thing you can do, period? And what if all you have in Cody, Wyoming (Jackson Pollack}, Sun Prairie Wisconsin (Georgia O’keefe), the slums of Pittsburgh, (Andy), Gallipolis, Ohio (Jenny Holzer) or Webster, Texas (Ryan Trecartin) is this sad, distorted planet promised by “World Of Art”? This is what awaits you?

You get the picture.

Other generations have suffered through cartoonish depictions of the world of culture and letters. Will the next batch of young-in’s be able to assimilate these primal scenes as well without having the inevitable heartbreak be that much more achey?

Actually forget them, what about us middle-aged people who have aged that much more faster watching this piece of shit?

Shhhh, its starting….

• The gang was just deserted at the Children’s Museum. Miles says he’s going to throw up and for once I agree with him. They are told by the grownups to use the materials there to return to their childhood memories. Of course plenty of people make art to forget their childhood but we aren’t in the running.

• We learn Peregrine was raised in “an art commune in San Francisco called ‘Project Artaud’! Her piece is a very well rendered “MY LITTLE PONY” sculpture engirdled by cigarettes made from sticks of chalk, fake joints and faux crack villas. It describes, very cleverly, a childhood populated by adults and the residuum of they’re lives and indulgences. FINALLY a decent piece of work (and a Alabama Street success story)!

• Simon just came in and told everyone that all of their childhood memories suck. What a drip. I don’t like you anymore Mr. de Pury.

• Its official, everyone hates Miles.

* I’m surfing during the commercials. And the Daily Beast reports, according to Schizotypy, Creativity, and Mating Success in Humans - Proceedings of the Royal Society artists and poets have 223% more sexual partners than people who aren’t, And thats just Jaclyn.

• Jerry Saltz just reminisced how fondly as a child he used to love to draw trolls.

• My editor has requested that I avoid spoilers. No problem. Suffice to say that it was the most trivial and yet sadistic episode yet. It seemed for a shining moment that the contestants were ready to mutiny but then their hunger for approval took charge. It’s like playing a game where the big kids change the rules at every turn during a game… until someone cries. Hey! Just like, children…

• I’ve been made sad by my best friend: television.

• And if anyone tries to take me back to my childhood, I’ll bite their lips off.

- Dale Hoyt 2:40 Am 7/22/10

- Dale Hoyt [Thursday, July 22nd, 2010]


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