Yuh-Shioh Wong made her Chelsea debut at Foxy Production on a recent balmy winter evening. Wong (who I previously discussed in New Artists, New York) chose to steer away from her sculptural past and showed only paintings. Like many of her peers Wong uses imagery of plants and animals. However, in contrast with them she seems to have come to these things naturally and free of affectation. The subject in Like a kitten in a tree has a little white face that upon closer examination is unpainted canvas, as if it was already there and just needed to be painted around to be seen. Other works, like Cropped Forest with Yellow Leaves and maybe a cat and Untitled (portrait of a purple thing) are even looser, letting the figure take form from broad strokes of color (similar to the image in a magic-eye drawing). Wong’s paintings are a pleasure to look at, without getting bogged down in being too cute or decorative. This is the second show at Foxy Production’s new space (after Jacob Ciocci) and so far they have been the most interesting of the new 27th street gallery conglomerate.

- Asha Schechter [Tuesday, February 21st, 2006]


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