at the afterparty

Jin & Amy [8:44 PM PST]

Wow, it's hot in here.
Where's the soda machine.
Steve Shada [7:52 PM PST]

That would be no.
Valerie Imus, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts registrar [7:32 PM PST]

When i was born I was raw, now I'm cooked and burnt- Rumi
Berin Golonu, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts curator [7:29 PM PST]

I just fell into it.
Kim Smith [7:25 PM PST]

I'm a strap-on.
Kelly Lycan, Instant Coffee [7:22 PM PST]

bass bench rocks
hi Jinhan!!!!! yeahhhh! [7:09 PM PST]

I put on Motown because I'm from Detroit.
Margaret from the Mission [7:05 PM PST]

I just kind of fell into it.
Shannon Holland [7:02 PM PST]

i like the sheep.
Meredith Tromble, stretcher [7:00 PM PST]

More local artists!
Alyssa [6:56 PM PST]

Get rid of bush, you may quote me!
Anwyl McDonald [6:45 PM PST]

Everybody wants to be dj's now.
Jinhan Ko, Instant Coffee [6:44 PM PST]

Rene dropping knowledge to the group
Rene de Guzman [6:38 PM PST]

Aimee from SFMOMA sez foxy coffee!

The CX group [6:28 PM PST]

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