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a project by Adriana Varella

One of the aspects that interests me in contemporary art is the fact that it is a territory (Non- territory) in which we have greater freedom to construct other possibilities of the world, as well as develop some consciousness in the process of creating ourselves.
Adriana Varella

I'm a born anarchist. My work is a hybrid that mixes photography, video, computation, sculpture, printing, painting, engraving, installation, languages, etc. I've been interested in video art and video installation for several years. I've been looking for rupture and transcendence for quite some time. To achieve that, I've been mixing video with materials and media that I believe must be connected and integrated.

The work Non-Territory tries to encompass some situations. Through the idea of a shelter, it would become aware the need of non-territories and at the same time those shelters would be neutral places for transcendence and experimentation.

Non-territory was born as an idea of a shelter to be created-invented at the no man's land. Everything would be no occupied, void, empty, neutral, not belonging, loose, but in this paradoxical system, in this void, would there be a shelter in the non-existent, non-created, creating silence into the noise. Trans would also be a shelter, but the occupied territory wouldn't be temporary in this case.

In Trans, the idea of national, racial, cultural and sexual transcendence makes the built identity territories dissipate into the not classifiable, not labelable idea. Here the idea of non-territory transcends its order. Therefore, the global migration among Trans, with the borderless, would create those timeless non-spaces.

This is the research that I'm involved in. I'm trying to create situations where the elimination of borders, separating lines, edges or fragmentation promoting limits could be penetrated, melted and trespassed. It allows the living experience where everything is whole and permanently unified. Simultaneous parallels not only coexist in this non-space-time but also exist as a plurality of possibilities. Maybe when we get rid of memory, we could penetrate in the non-space-time. Maybe, things could forget their signification and we could simply exist.

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Adriana Varella is a video/installation artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil currently working in the Bay Area. 

Trans - a project by Adriana Varella